EVN, Oct. 18 – Demonstrators gathered in the city of Alamata today to demand swift government intervention in resolving the longstanding issue of Raya’s identity and resolve the dire need for a budget. Protesters expressed their frustration with the federal government’s inaction, citing a dire need for a resolution to the budget crisis and the establishment of an interim administration. The demonstrators claim that the lack of progress has led to severe social and economic problems, causing hardship, hunger, and even deaths among the vulnerable population.

Protesters voiced their concerns about the scarcity of aid, food, and essential materials, highlighting the dire circumstances facing the area. They accused the government of deliberately neglecting their concerns to divert attention from the identity question. Despite promises of a temporary transitional administration, citizens are disheartened by the lack of progress one month after the announcement.

For more than three years, the Raya region has gone without a budget allocation from the government, significantly impacting economic and social activities.

While the Tigray Region Interim Administration Communications Office Chief Assistant criticized the demands for a transitional administration and the pressure to implement them as unconstitutional, Chief Mayor of the Interim Administration of Alamata, Hailu Abera, said they have resorted to taking the matter to the Federation Council due to the lack of response from the Tigray region.

The demonstrators remain resolute in their call for action to resolve the identity issue and address the pressing social and economic challenges facing the region.