Washington D.C. (February 2, 2024) – Over the past five decades, Ethiopians have bravely fought against oppression, corruption, and abuse of power. In those dark ages, journalists and broadcasters have also paid a heavy price. During the divisive and oppressive 27-year rule of the TPLF, the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) played a crucial role in exposing injustices and corruption, contributing significantly to the regime’s downfall.

While ESAT’s contributions are widely acknowledged, its operations were untimely disrupted by a group that betrayed the cause of the Ethiopian people and joined the oppressors in power. This unfortunate situation compelled dedicated journalists and staff, who served Ethiopia with unwavering passion, to take different paths.

Building upon this proud legacy, the Ethiopian Satellite Network (ESAN TV) emerges to reignite the spirit of ESAT, bringing back the original team for the challenges ahead. ESAN aims to propel the struggle for a better Ethiopia to new heights, speaking truth to power and exposing unacceptable injustices. In the face of immense challenges, including the persecution of the people of Amhara, ESAN TV envisions a renewed Ethiopia, free from the current injustices and oppression by the OPDO-led regime. As part of this initiative, Anchor Media, Dere News, Ethiopian Voices Network (EVN), Min Alesh Meti, Tamagn Show, and Ethiopian Media Service (EMS) have collaboratively joined ESAN satellite TV to broadcast their content to the people of Ethiopia.

Established in November 2023 by former ESAT team members, ESAN TV aims to fill the critical gap in Ethiopian media by providing unbiased and accurate information, a fundamental right for every citizen to make informed decisions, and engage in constructive dialogue necessary for Ethiopia’s progress.

Driven by profound love for Ethiopia and its people, ESAN TV understands the nation’s struggles and the yearning for a brighter future. Our programming will spotlight the achievements and aspirations of Ethiopians while shedding light on ongoing challenges and the enduring desire for freedom. We aspire to be a platform for diverse voices and a catalyst for positive change. ESAN broadcasts through its strong signals cover wider areas including Ethiopia, North-East Africa, and the Middle East.

Let the birth of ESAN TV mark a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle of the Ethiopian people for peace, justice, and freedom.
ESAN TV proudly begins test runs today, February 2, 2024. Contents can be accessed through the following platforms:
Channel: ESAN TV
Satellite: Eutelsat 7 Degrees West

Downlink Frequency (MHz) 11449

Polarization Horizontal



Symbol Rate (Msps) 27.500

FEC 2/3

Website: www.esantv.com

In a time when unity is crucial, we invite Ethiopians worldwide to join our movement. Supporting ESAN TV is a vital boost for the fight for justice, equality, and freedom. Together, we can set in motion a better future for all Ethiopians. We call upon all freedom-loving Ethiopians to join the movement for liberation from injustice, tyranny, oppression, and discrimination.

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