About Us

Who We Are

ESAN TV–the Ethiopian Satellite Network, where our commitment to truth, justice, and change guides our mission and vision for a brighter future. At ESAN TV, we deeply understand the power of the media in shaping public opinion and influencing socio-political change. With this understanding, we have made it our mission to provide accurate and unbiased news, information, analysis, and content that matters to the Ethiopian people and beyond. 

ESAN TV was founded by a group of former ESAT team members in November 2023 to fill the gap in the Ethiopian media landscape. We believe that access to accurate information is a fundamental right of every citizen. Our vision is to empower individuals by fostering informed choices and discussions that will contribute to the progress badly needed in Ethiopia.

At ESAN TV, we are driven by a deep love for Ethiopia and its people. We understand the challenges that our nation faces and the aspirations of its citizens for a better future. Through our programming, we aim to highlight the achievements, struggles, the age-old desire to be free from tyranny. We want to be a platform where diverse voices can be heard and where positive change can be nurtured.

Our Mission

ESAN TV’s mission statement reflects its unwavering dedication to the people of Ethiopia. The core of the mission is a deep-seated commitment to serve the oppressed population of the country. As a media organization, ESAN TV strives to be the primary source of accurate, objective, and balanced news, information, and analysis. The mission is rooted in the belief that information is a powerful tool for empowerment. ESAN TV aims to provide a platform that uplifts voices, exposes injustice, and catalyzes positive change in society.

ESAN TV’s mission statement highlights its role as a beacon for the people of Ethiopia. The organization is dedicated to serving the needs of the oppressed population in the country. By being a reliable and trustworthy source of news, information, and analysis, ESAN TV aims to empower people with accurate and objective reporting. The mission is driven by the belief that information is a key tool for bringing about positive change.

Our Vision

A Formidable Force for Change
ESAN TV’s vision statement embodies the organization’s determination to become a powerful catalyst for change in Ethiopia. The vision statement clearly articulates the goal of contributing significantly to the country’s transformation.

ESAN TV recognizes the power of media and broadcasting as a means to drive societal progress. We aim to create an environment where individuals feel empowered to express their opinions, hold those in power accountable, and ensure that all members of society are included and represented.